Post-A-Who? 7 Reasons Instagram Makes Business Sense 2019

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article for you about social media and the new Web 2.0 world. Today I want to take the conversation a bit further and (re) introduce you to another fantastic social media tool, Instagram.

In essence, Instagram is a micro-blogging tool that allows you to post brief entries to be seen and interacted with by your “Buy Instagram Followers UK “.

1) Get a lay of the land. A quick glance at the epicfollowers can give you a sense of things in an instant. When some big announcement happens online, you can check Instagram to see if it is really important. Are people talking about it? What are they saying? This can save you hours of research and increase your competitive advantage.

2) Catch Up. If you go away for a few days, you have a quick 140 characters at a time, history of what you missed. Not only can you catch up when you want, you can catch up where you want (via web, mobile text or Twhirl reader) but also catch up with WHO you want to.

3) Fast Content Speed to Market. A Post takes a minute or so to write. This article, over an hour. 🙂

4) Easy to Manage. You can both participate and lurk from your phone at the time and place of your choosing. When you need to be doing something else, you can ignore Instagram. When you’ve got moments (that don’t steal away from work or family or other priorities), you can jump into the conversation.

5) Increase Traffic to Your Site. You can send a link via Instagram for your articles, blog posts, products, services, etc. The visibility on Instagram gives you great traffic and an audience to examine what you’ve put out there… which brings me to my next reason.

6) Instant Feedback. You can post a question to your Tweeples (or people, get it?) and receive an answer back in minutes. You can receive technical help (did you know Microsoft and other major brands are on Instagram?), choosing software, even finding the directions to a local restaurant. You can also help answer others’ questions as well. Instagram is a two-way conversation tool, you know.

7) Relationship Building. Instagram allows you to start real conversations with your “virtual” friends. You can learn about someone’s new car purchase, upcoming promotions, recent divorce, birth of a child, coming travels, etc. So that your marketing isn’t just about “Here I am, buy from me.” But when you start building connections with peers in your field, with your target market, and with your competition (yes, connect with them too!), you raise your visibility, you engage more deeply, and you get your followers to know, like and trust you.

Are you convinced yet? Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

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Know, Like & Twitter 2019

The secret of Internet relationships is based on the oft-stated principle of “know, like and trust.” Call me cold and uncaring, but some of the supposedly friendly people reaching out to me have not pierced my antisocial shell. I do not know or like them, and I certainly have no reason to trust them.

Twitter is especially fun for illustrating what a grump I have become because the messages I receive, called “tweets,” can be shown in full here for ready analysis.

Let’s backspace

First, a brief explanation of Twitter for those not already signed up. It’s a form of microblogging, so called because each message is limited to 140 characters (including spaces). Go to Twitter, sign yourself up, click on some people to follow and stand back. What spews forth is a roll of electronic toilet paper-when the loose end has been given a sharp tug.

How am I qualified to evaluate Twitter? you may ask. I did my first Tweet on December 31, 2008. In resumé years, that’s one year of experience (2009 minus 2008). Not shabby compared to Twitterers in general.

Now for some representative tweets

Going to grocery to buy 8 ounces of sliced turkey and quart of 2% milk. Will stop at dry cleaner on the way home.

Twitter clearly instructs us to answer the question, “What are you doing?” So you have to respect people who know how to follow directions. Sadly, most of us are wandering off topic .

You did what? OMG! I can’t believe it. Don’t they arrest people for that?!?! LOL.

Some people assume everyone is following both sides of their conversation as they blast tweets to thousands rather than only to the “you” addressed. So here I am, awake all night contemplating what you may have done. I’m sure you should be arrested but our society has become entirely too permissive.

“night all. Totally zonked Turning in. Catch you tomorrow.

Thanks for the update. I’ll be right over to tuck you in.

Life coach extraordinaire Shannon Wilkinson listened to me gripe the other day as she helped me figure out Tweetdeck, an online tool to using Twitter more effectively. Then she said, “Having a sip of water.”

I thought she was pausing in her phone instructions to sip water.

But no, she was suggesting a tweet message I could send out now that I was in full Twitter mode.

We laughed a lot but you had to be there to see how funny it was. Maybe it was so funny because it was getting late and I was getting tired.

Anyway, it’s getting late here and I’m totally zonked. I’m going to sign off shortly and Followers Australia.

Twitter as a brick in my marketing edifice

Now you know I am twitterific (actually, I stole that word from a real Twitter application). Or to put it in more common marketing terms, I’m on my way to being known, liked and trusted.

So go ahead and tweet me a million dollar assignment. I’ll be back in a moment, hydrated and ready to cash in.

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5 Ways to Utilize Instagram to Your Advantage 2019!

Social networking is a great tool in the world of marketing. Among the social networking sites, Instagram is the new Face Book when it comes to gaining business contacts. Actually it works even better than that. The beauty of Instagram is in it’s simplicity. It is not all bogged down with details. No fancy web designs, no personal categories if interests etc. It works because it is broken down to the basics. There are a number of ways in which to use Instagram to accomplish your goals.

First, you need to personalize your space. If you don’t change your background and post a picture of yourself, other people will think you are not really using Instagram, but simply trying it out. There are certain people that won’t even follow you if you don’t have a picture. Make it personal, get your feet wet and have fun.

Second, you need to think about who you want to follow. When your are thinking of people to follow, you can search names of interesting people. You may want to follow these people and listen to what they have to say. There is another group you must follow. These are people that are following your competition. If you compete with people that have an identity in Instagram, and those people have Instagram Followers UK , You need to get hold of those followers! They will start seeing updates from you and you just may be more appealing to them.

Third, make sure you update frequently. People like to hear from you. You can post URL links of sites you think are interesting, sayings or quotes that mean something or just say “Hi I’m here and this is what I’m doing”. Don’t go gung ho telling everybody about what your selling or try to get them to buy something. This is a place to build your credibility, and respect from others. Be honest, talk to them like you would anybody else.

Fourth, don’t be angry when someone un-follows you. This happens. You will do it too. Often, there are people you run into (in life or otherwise) with whom you become unsatisfied after getting to know them. Let them go. There is no need to be mean or make a scene, just unceremoniously un-follow them.

Fifth, keep the followers and the followed numbers about equal. If you are following many more people than are following you, it appears that you are spamming. This is not good. Also, when the people following you greatly outnumber the people you follow, it looks as though  you don’t care and may be perceived as indifferent.

Use these tips and see if they don’t help you make more business contacts over the long haul. I wish you success in your business ventures.

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Instagram Making Money 2019

Micro-blogging service, Instagram is enjoying growing success since its inception but its founders are still unable to find a way to make it profitable.

Like any medium of communication, Instagram is a relay to communicate with a community. It is therefore natural to consider how they can monetize Instagram. While many brands are starting to take ownership for communicating about their products and thus expand their marketing strategy new channels, it does not generate direct revenues.

Recently, new solutions are emerging to help not the founders of Instagram to make money but with its users. I will propose two I had the opportunity to discover the Accessoweb friend Philip.

Use the page of his Instagram account as a flyer with Twittad

Each Instagram user normally uses the main page of Instagram to follow the thread of publication of its network. However there are essentially two other pages that a user can fall: that of a user’s Instagram page with all its publications and the sole of a Twit. These are the two page feature can be configured graphically by changing the background. This principle is based that by offering to sell the advertising space of the background of your Instagram account.

Then it is simply a marketplace where users offer their advertisers buy space and for a defined period an insert to a user. The price is based on length of booking, payments are made through PayPal and is careful 5% of payments and Buy Instagram Followers UK.

Even if the display is, in my opinion, very limited for an advertiser using this system, and prices for currently available (a few dollars) are not windfall, this system of monetization remains discreet in the eyes of your Instagram community and can glean a few dollars.

Broadcast advertisements on your Instagram account with Twittertise

The other service to monetize This time you will be able, through this service, schedule the publication of a Post to a specific day and time. Use? You can schedule the distribution of a Twit business at a time when there is a lot of your followers in line and then follow the above benefits of this Twit. Indeed, this service offers for each programmed Twit (text + link) have a ratio of clicks on the link to your Twit.

This service does not find advertisers. It is your responsibility and therefore it is up to you to fix Ausi RPIX a Twit as you can imagine proportional to the number of followers you have on your Instagram account.

The service thus provides the programming and the report click on a Twit. The idea in itself disseminate Twit had sponsored was often mentioned in blogs and especially when decried the possibility of polluting the streams with commercials. Much more intrusive as a solution, it is a new way to monetize this service micro-blogging. For More Information Please Visit